Victoria Tu
UX Designer

UX Research

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Usability Testing — CostcoGrocery Website


This project was done as part of Dr. Anthony Andre's ISE 215 User Research and Usability Testing course. As a team of 4, we conducted user research to evaluate the usability of Costco's website, with a focus on the homepage and the CostcoGrocery sections.

Project Duration

Feb 2021 - May 2021

Key Takeaways

We found that many Costco shoppers prefer to shop in-person rather than online, even though one of Costco's recent goals has been expanding and growing their e-commerce platform. Through a series of usability tests conducted through ZOOM, our team observed the following pain points from the participants, which negatively affected their online shopping experience:

  • cluttered and disorganized information architecture

  • inconsistency between items displayed in results

  • difficulty determining the price of certain items

  • tediousness when requesting live chat support

You can read the full report here, or learn more about the redesign I worked on after completing this project here.

Heuristic Evaluation — Cinemark Mobile Application

Coming soon!